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Frequently asked questions about Score My Run.

Please read through these for further information about the Score My Run App.

How much does Score My Run cost?

Score My Run can be downloaded for free from your own country's Apple App Store.


What devices is Score My Run compatible with?

Score My Run is compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod touch devices.


Is an internet connection required to use Score My Run?

No internet connection is required - all the information needed is stored on your device.


What age range does Score My Run support?

Score My Run can calculate age-graded percentage scores for anyone between the ages of 5 and 99 so it can be used by the whole family.


Do you have any guidance on which hill settings to use?

As your times are affected by the hilliness of your route, we have included an option to compensate for the effect of different levels of hills. This is done by estimating the effect that the hills might have on the time for your run based on the following assumed average climb rates for your route:

Flat - An average of 0 metres of climb per mile

Genetle - An average of 10 metres of climb per mile

Rolling - An average of 20 metres of climb per mile

Hilly - An average of 30 metres of climb per mile

Very Hilly - An average of 45 metres of climb per mile


How can I use Score My Run to predict my time for a race?

Once you have calculated your score for a race or fast run, you can use this score to predict your time for another race. Just enter the distance for the race your want to predict, press Score My Run and then change the time dials until the new score matches your score for your previous run. This is the time you could reasonably expect to achieve if you run at the same performance level, subject to putting in the required training.


How can I measure how far I've run?

There are many online route measuring tools on the internet and also iPhone GPS Apps to measure your runs. The following tools are provided by Good Run Guide, a website specialising on running in the UK, both of which are free to use for route measurement:

Online Route Measurer - a desktop route mapping tool

GPS Stopwatch - a mobile phone based web application

You can also buy specialist GPS devices for running and other sports, although these can be expensive.

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